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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Top Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga in general can be defined as integration with the divine. It gives both mental and physical relaxation. I personally prefer doing yoga to gym as yoga is easy to do, more convenient and give great results. The main mantra in yoga is to synchronize your body, mind and breath.

Weight Loss and yoga are proportional to each other. To lose those extra pounds and balance your shape try doing various yoga postures.

Warrior Pose:

Also known as Veerabhadrasana. This pose strengthens the hands, back muscles, thighs, and legs. It helps to stretch your chest, lungs and shoulders.

On your yoga mat stand straight with your legs wide open. Now turn your right foot out by 90 degrees. Lift both your arms to shoulder height and parallel to the ground. Ensure your palms are facing upwards. Breathing out, bend your right knee. Slowly turn your head to your right. Count for 5 numbers and come up breathing in. Then breathing out, slowly bring your hands to normal position. Repeat the same for the left side too.

Bow Pose:

Bow pose is also known as Dhanurasana and is so called because it looks like an archer's bow. It supports the back and abdominal muscles thus help in digestion and loose the fat in that region.

This is a simple pose and can be performed while lying down.  All you have to do is lie flat on your stomach with your arms by the side of your body. Breathing in, lift your shoulders, chest off the floor and raise your torso and legs up and back. Breathing out, look straight and hold the pose for few seconds. Continue taking deep breaths. Slowly bring your legs and chest to the ground and rest on your stomach.

Chair Pose

Utkatasana or chair pose is the most powerful yoga pose. It helps to strengthen the legs and arms thus increases body stamina.

Stand straight with your arms at your sides and keep your feet together. Breathing in, lift your arms at 90 degrees to the floor. Breathing out, bend your knees and move your hips back as if you are sitting in a chair. Hold this pose for 30 seconds. Draw your abs inwards to support your back. Press into your feet. Count around 5 to 10 breaths.

Angle Pose:

Angle Pose or Konasana stretches and strengthens spine. It perfectly tones the sides of body like arms, legs and abdominal organs.

Stand straight with your feet apart and arms at sides of the body. Inhale and lift the left arm to upwards pointing up. Exhale and bend to the right moving your pelvis to the left. Slowly bend a little more. Look up to your left palm. Breathing in, gently erect your body. Breathing out bring the left arm down to normal position. Repeat the same with right arm.

Triangle Pose:

Triangle Pose also known as Trikonasana. This pose strengthens the legs, groins, hamstrings, and hips and abdominal organs. Keep your body straight with your feet comfortably wide apart. Turn your right foot out perpendicularly and left foot slightly in. Align your center of the arch of left foot with the center of right heel. Take a deep breath and bend your chest, upper body to the right. Ensure you keep your waist straight, raise left hand in the air. Rest your right hand on the floor outside your right foot. Turn your head to the left facing the left palm. Once you complete this half cycle slowly come up, bring your arms down to your sides, and straighten your feet. Repeat the same on the other side to complete the cycle of Triangle Pose.

Cat stretch

Cat Stretch or Marjariasana gives flexibility to the lower back and core muscles.  It massages the abdomen organs and also aids digestion.

Position yourself such that your body resembles a table Come down onto the floor on all fours. Keep your hands directly under the shoulders and flat on the ground. Ensure your arms are perpendicular to the floor. Keep your knees under your hip. Breathing in, raise your chin and tilt your head back and raise your tailbone. Compress your buttocks. Stay in this posture for about 5 counts. Breathing out, move your chin down towards your chest and bend your back up as much as possible. Hold this pose for a few seconds and return to the initial table pose. Make this your routine and do 5 to 6 times.

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