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Monday, October 7, 2013

Natural Home Remedies for Common Cold

Common cold is just like any viral infection which can easily spread with small changes in the weather, some of the symptoms which point out that we suffer from common cold include:

•    Regular sneezing
•    Running or blocked nose
•    It often might end up with sore throat
•    Dry cough
•    Headache
•    Mild fever

Reasons which might give common cold to an individual include:
•    Viral infection in respiratory tract
•    It is also easily spread from one person to another who is suffering with it through sneezing
•    Allergic disorders
•    Slight changes in weather
Some of the natural treatments which can be given to people suffering from cold are given below:

1.    Turmeric powder, milk, black pepper powder:
Ingredients needed:
•    1 glass warm milk
•    1 tsp turmeric powder
•    1 tsp black pepper powder
Mix all the ingredients given above to be made into a drink that has to be taken twice every day.

2.    Carom seeds:
•    1 tbsp carom seeds
Make fine powder of these seeds to be placed in a clean cloth which has to be tied in the form of a bundle, this bundles has to be held close to the nose and inhaled.

3.    Ladyfingers:
Cut 100 grams of ladyfingers into small pieces, now thee pieces have to be heated for about 10-15 minutes in ½ Liter hot water. Inhale the steam which comes out from this mixtures which will help in slightly relieving from dry cough and throat irritation.

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