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Saturday, October 5, 2013

How To Treat Acne Naturally

Acne is one such common skin problem that has been troubling nearly 60% of the teenagers who are aged between 12 to 24 years, which when found to go to extremes might embarrass them when they go out in public, hitting their confidence levels and at times even get depressed if they are not treated at perfect time.
Acne is easy to treat if they are identified at right time which is possible by looking out for:
  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Pimples
  • Getting itchy rashes which turn out red with continuous scratching
Have you ever wondered what causes these acne problems? Acne form due to contamination of bloodstream which happens when the body is not able to let go of toxins which are excreted that happens if there are problems like constipation, irregular bowel movement, no proper meal timings, too much starch consumption, sugar, oil and fatty elements.

Treat acne by the remedies given below which include:
Garlic: Presence of allicin makes garlic a natural antibiotic, hence take couple of garlic cloves and make a paste from it after which it can be directly applied on the acne present on skin. However people who have sensitive skin are suggested to mix yogurt in this garlic paste before applying it on acne.
Apart from this raw garlic cloves can also be eaten daily for about a month.
Coriander and turmeric: Take handful of washed coriander leaves and crush them into paste from which juice can be extracted by sieving it. Now add a pinch of turmeric to this and mix well before applying on face every day.

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