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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10 Excellent Home Remedies To Get Relief From Acidity

“I often feel inconvenience and burning sensation in my stomach and abdomen”. These are commonly used words by most of us. Very few of us know that this is actually acidity and can be cured by following simple homemade remedies.

The term “Acidity” refers to excess secretion of acid by cells lining the stomach. It is most regularly found health problem and is often ignored. Irregular food habits, smoking, overweight, few medications are common reasons that contribute to acidity. Some medicines mimic the symptoms and makes condition even worse. So always make sure you take right medication under doctor supervision. In addition to that excess consumption of oily foods, peppermint, tea, coffee, addiction to alcohol and smoking also causes acidity and stomach upset problems.

Symptoms include pain in the abdomen, sleeplessness, feeling sick, vomiting, and coughing. These symptoms do not exist for a longer period but tend to revert repeatedly.
In today’s lifestyle, the problem of acidity is frequently found and disturbs one’s daily routine making the situation even worse. Try out our top most homemade remedies listed below to treat acidity and its related symptoms.
home remedies for acidity

Home Remedies To Get Relief From Acidity

(1)   Curd: Curd is the best solution for instant relief from acidity. Take two tablespoons of curd, a pinch of salt and add cold water. According to your choice add cucumber, coriander and tomato to it.

(2)   Cold milk: Have a glass of cold milk soon after having a spicy food. This helps in reducing the burning sensation caused due to acidity.

(3)   Coconut water: Irrespective of seasons, coconut water is the best remedy for any type of stomach irregularities. For best results drink around five glass of coconut water. It keeps the body hydrated and cools the stomach.

(4)   Finger millet: Finger Millet (or Ragi) is rich in Amino Acids which cures acidity and provides energy. Take two tablespoons of finger millet flour, boil with hot water and have it with empty stomach.

 (5)   Amla: Amla helps to settle the stomach disturbances and acidity problems. Take a glass of amla juice every morning with empty stomach. For best results have it twice in a day.

(6)   Ice cream: We all scream for ice cream. This is the best and yummy remedy to reduce burning sensation. Eat a cup of vanilla ice cream after meals then find instant results.

(7)   Salted water: This is an age old remedy to remove excess of acid from your stomach. All you have to do is in a glass of warm water add pinch of salt. Early morning with empty stomach drink it and forcibly vomit it.

(8)   Mint: Take fresh mint leaves, boil in a cup of water and drink it twice in a day after meals. Helps in treating indigestion and acidity.

(9)   Bananas: Ensure to have fruits such as banana, cucumber and watermelon in your daily diet. Fruits help in hydrating your body and relieve you from stomach irritation.

(10)   Cumin seeds with Coriander: Add equal amounts of crushed roasted cumin seeds and crushed coriander powder to glass of water. Drink this daily for best results.

Easy ways to avoid acidity:

Right diet is the best way to prevent acidity. Your daily diet should include vegetables, fruits. Avoid eating spicy and junk foods that contains loads of oils and fat. Drink adequate amount of water to keep body hydrated and cool. Eat at regular intervals so that there is no time for acid to act on empty stomach. Exercise to stay fit and healthy.

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