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Friday, October 4, 2013

10 Reasons To Avoid Instant Noodles

Lesser time needed in their preparation has made it an instant hit among several people, also making it one of their favorite foods which at times also take place among their daily quota of foods. We speak about instant noodles here which does not need much time or attention to prepare despite which it turns out to be tasty leaving behind several healthy meals.

All the taste, time needed for its preparation are only till people get to know the real facts behind consumption of these instant noodles, once we get to know the real dangers in eating it only then will people start avoiding it. With the same purpose we have listed here the reasons for which it has to be avoided, they being:
10 Reasons To Avoid Instant Noodles

1. Avoids nutrients for children: It has been found that eating noodles will stop children below 5 years of age from absorbing all the necessary nutrients.

2. Results in cancer: There is an ingredient name Styrofoam present in these instant noodles which is said to be an agent that causes cancer.

3. Miscarriage: Noodles are said to have an effect on the development of foetus hence women who are pregnant are suggested to avoid eating these instant noodles.

4. Junk food: Instant noodles are considered to be part of junk food due to higher presence of carbohydrates rather than vitamins, fiber and minerals.

5. Sodium: Too much sodium will have an adverse effect on heart, kidney and increases hypertension. Reason as to why this has come here is that instant noodles are full of this sodium content.

6. Increases weight: Instant noodles have fat along with huge quantities of sodium which retains water in the body that ultimately results in obesity.

7. MSG: That flavor to the instant noodles comes from presence of Monosodium Glutamate which when given to people allergic to it will end up getting frequent headaches, facial flushing and burning sensation.

8. Not good for digestive system: Eating noodles on daily basis will see irregularity in the bowl movements and end up bloating of the stomach.

9. Weakens immunity system: Presence of Propylene Glycol in instant noodles prevent it from drying up which means it holds moisture back, this will weaken our immunity system since it gets easily absorbed in the body. After absorption it ends up gathering in kidneys, heart and liver causing damage to those areas.

10. Metabolism rate: Availability of chemical substances like additives, preservatives and colors also is known to have negative effect on the body metabolism rate. 

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