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Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Effective Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Acne is one of the most unwelcome visitors in a person’s life. It is not only unsightly but also very painful and traumatizing experience for the person affected by it.

Even if we manage to get rid of acne and control breakouts through a proper skin care regimen, certain remedies and lifestyle modifications, scars and marks are often left behind as a constant reminder of our acne woes.

These can give our face a dull appearance and can also be the cause for an extra crease on the forehead as we strive to try and conceal these with makeup.

More often than not, the cause behind acne scars is our temptation to pop, squeeze or pick at acne and pimples. Bursting a pimple is almost a sure-shot way to ensure scarring.

There are skin creams available that come with the claim of eliminating acne scars; even chemical treatments are an option but these are costly and also have multiple side effects. Hence, it is best to opt for natural home remedies for acne scars.

With a little patience and consistency, successful acne scar treatment at home is possible and you can get back blemish-free beautiful skin.

Try these easy, inexpensive and effective homemade tips to get rid of acne scars naturally:

1. Using Egg Whites: 

One of the easiest and the most preferred ways to get rid of acne scars is to use egg white. Egg white is a powerful healer that helps in lightening and getting rid of acne scars and marks.

At the same time, it is immensely effective in tackling oily skin; it dries up pimples, reduces swelling, shrinks and tightens pores, makes the skin firm and lends it a glow.

You can apply egg white gently on to your perfectly cleansed skin concentrating on affected areas using a cotton ball or your fingers; spread evenly; leave for about 15 minutes or till it dries completely and then rinse with warm water. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer. Do this at least twice weekly.

2. Lemon Juice:

Another cheap and effective home remedy for acne scars is to use lemon juice.

It is a powerful disinfectant which destroys acne-causing bacteria before they can multiply; cleans clogged pores, minimizing chances of further breakouts.

The acidic nature of lemon helps in effectively getting rid of acne scars. Lemon is a wonderful natural bleach that helps to lighten and fade even dark acne scars. Being a natural exfoliant, it helps to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and leaves you with visibly renewed, healthier skin.

Soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply on your skin; leave on for an hour so that your skin can soak it up and wash off. This is to be done 2-3 times every week. A lemon can also be cut into half and rubbed on the skin or diluted with water and applied.
  • Remember lemon should not be applied on fresh acne!
  • Using lemon can make your skin photosensitive; hence using sunscreen daily is a must when you use this treatment.

3. Lemon Juice + Honey:

Another effective home remedy for acne scars is to mix equal quantities of fresh lemon juice and honey and use this as a face mask for half an hour at least thrice a week.
Honey is a great natural remedy for acne scars; it is an antibacterial agent, a natural moisturizer and has anti-inflammatory properties, which when used regularly can make the skin smooth and blemish-free.
In conjunction with these, regularly consumer fruits that are high on Vitamin C (oranges, guavas, kiwis etc.) and drink lots of water to heal the acne scars faster. 

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